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Web Page Designer:    Pixee

Pencil:                      Pixee

Inker:                       Pixee

Photoshop:                Pixee

Special Thanks:          Pixee


About me:

Name:    Allison (Allie/Al/Pixee)

Sex:    No thanks (F)

Age:    22 (no I wont buy you alcohol)

Location:  New York City (most of the time)

Occupation:    Student,  Illustration Major  (no I'm not a cartoonist)

Religion:    Um what?    (I was raised catholic, but they are too corrupt for me)

Address:    Nice try stalker



Rant:  I go to school here in the city.  I live in a little 8'x10' dorm room (at least I have a private bathroom).  My family lives in Connecticut and I visit on holidays and some weekends.  I am an artist, but I have a technical background.  I am already qualified as an electronics technician, although I don't care for that like of work.  In my free time I draw EOC comics, and study Japanese.  I am not very good at the Japanese yet, but I'm making progress. 

I almost never leave my room.  My friends say I should get out more, but there isn't much in the city that I want to do.  Everyone tells me to go see Broadway shows, or go to a park or something.  I'm sorry, but Broadway shows and parks are not very fun at all.


Favorite Sayings:       

    There are no dumb questions, just dumb people

    I told you not to get a Mac   (this is serious, don't ever get a Mac)

    Friends Don't let friends AOL   (seriously, stop wasting money)


Funny Stories:

    When I worked at EB Games, a man came to me with an Xbox boxing game.  He asks "Do you have this in VHS?"

    While I was little, I microwave a bottle of chocolate syrup.  I forgot to open the top to let it vent.  When I opened it, burning hot chocolate blew out all over me.  I still have images of my mom and sister laughing at me while I was screaming in pain from getting third degree burns.  I didn't find it too funny, and those images still haunt me today. =/



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