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age: 22

height: 5' 9"

job: freeloader

Formaly Evan, prince of Cloves. Somehow Evan became eve. The cause of this is still a mystery.

Eve has grown up never having to do an ounce of work. Now she must live as a wanderer with whom she dares not devulge the truth about her past.


age: 24

height: 6'1"

job: wanderer

Son of the head Knight of cloves. His father, the head Knight is now dead, so the king must rely on Giles for help in finding his missing son. Giles has past issues with his father and still has not not found closure with his death.


age: ?

height: 5'3"

job: wanderer

Felice come from outlying lands to the west. Little is known about the land in which she comes from other than they don't welcom strangers.

Felice is happy being ignorant of most things and tries to live life as care free as possible. Several years ago she ran into Giles when she first arrived in the main continent and has stayed with him ever since. Felice does not enjoy talking about her home and avoids it however possible.


age: 5

height 3'2"

job: child


age: 27

height: 5'10"

job: illustionist / assasin

King Odo

age: 56

height: 4'8

job: king



age: 38

height: 5'7"

Royal servant of the throne.



age: 25

height: 5'7"


Queen Helen

age: 52

height: 5'6"

job: queen


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