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Blog Page 1 (11/03/2005 - 6/16/2006)




Sorry for the wait for the new comic. Work has had me really busy, and I haven't had time for much. When I am out of work I need to spend the whole day resting. Maybe I'll do some editing in the morning before work. Toodles!


I just got a tablet a few days ago. So now I have the ability to go back and fix some work that I am not happy with. If I do that though, I might have a problem keeping up with new comics, so please bear with me. I love my new tablet. It is a Wacom 6x8; it is nice, but will take some practice to get used to. Also, I have two new jobs to work on. One I am getting paid for, it is working for a movie theater during the summer. The other is working on digital editing work for free.


I'm trying to get these comics done at least every five days or so. Does this mean I'm back or that I'm gonna be consistent? Well I have this magic 8 ball for just such an emergency. *shake shake shake* Magic 8 ball says! Ask tomorrow... What kind of an answer is that? Looks like I need a new financial advisor if that is the best this thing can do.


Okay I think I'm back. Right now Im looking for a summer job. It looks like I'm going to be stuck working in a movie theater for the summer. I'm trying to get comics done again. Todays comic was drawn very quickly, but future Comics should look a little nicer. But I plan to have more fun doing them, so expect many changes.


I'm sorry for the recent and extended lack of updates. Classes this semester have demanded more attention than they did last semester. When summer comes around I plan to start working on comic pages, but for the time being there are none planned. Finals are next week and I go home the beginning of May. So hopefully I will have time to work after that, as long as my summer job allows it >.<


I had a pretty weird weekend. I spent Friday night vomiting and other gross things. I got no sleep the entire night; if I drank I would just vomit it back up. It was really terrible. The next day it did not slow down so I headed for the local hospital. I spent most of the day there, where they filled me will fluids and medications. When I finally got out of there I vomited again, but thankfully it was the last time. Apparently it was food poisoning; Im scared to eat now. I did not eat again until 6pm Monday, and I wish I didn't. I still have no appetite, and am sick from eating a little while ago =(

Im updating the site; things will go up slowly but surely. If anyone has any idea what to add or what you want to see, send me an email, and I will be glad to listen. I stopped biting people for giving me mail after the mail men started to carry pepper spray.


I am back to the normal schedule. I'm sorry that I could not make keep it for the last two weeks, but now things have calmed down.

I am starting to update the pages. Right now, look at the gallery, and the character bios for some new images that I made. The site still needs a lot more work, but I will get it done sooner or later.


Im sorry for the lack of color and my inability to keep to the schedule lately. I have been very busy, and not very emotionally stable. Things are starting to get back on track, and the normal schedule should resume next week. I will even try to include color.


YAY ^_^ Im finally done with my first semester at my new school. Art major is soooooo much better than engineering. I got 3 hours of sleep last night because I procrastinated on 2 of my finals.

Since I will have a little free time for winter break, I plan to do some updates to the site. I hope to finish the pages and add some fun content. I will also be starting to use a smaller paper since I wont have access to a large scanner for a little while. So the comic might look a little different....


The city is very cold today, and I was thinking of not running this to the scanner. I decided to take it to the small scanners at the library instead of walking cross town for the good stuff. I had to take two pieces and put them together to get it to work.

I dont have any gloves, and every class is having me bring all of my work into them for critiques. So every class I go to I am carrying something. My fingers feel like they are going to fall off. Monday is my last day, and I have 2 projects to hand in then. So if things work out, there should be comics from now on coming out on time.


Sorry, no comic today, there was no way that I could get it and my finals done today. I promise there will be a comic on Thursday.... I hope...

SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Dont tell anyone, but I've been drinking ^_^. I apologize for the quality of the comic again. Hopefully I will have all of my assignments done soon so I can work on the comics a little more. At least all of my projects are illustrations and paintings. No written reports nea nea! =P


Sorry again for the quality. Finals are still going on and I'm working my but off. At least there is only one exam. So until I am done with classes, I wont have much time for comics.

Everyone better vote today to help get me into the top 100 ^_^ It took a lot for me to walk across town to get to the scanners. It was dark, and very cold. So I think I deserve some thanks.


I'm sorry for the quality of these next comics. Finals really suck, and I have many projects to do. To be honest, you're lucky you are getting anything.


I apologize for today's comic. Finals are coming, and I have 5 projects that I need to get done, so I was unable to get today's done =(


Sorry for the first version of the comic. I forgot to resize it before I saved the final =/ I guess I had my head on shopping today.


Guess what! It's time for another blog!

Yesterday the family came over and we had turkey dinner. Then the side of the family that I have not seen in a long time came over.... FUN! I had a little to drink, and that combined with the turkey made me drowsy and dizzy the entire day. At least I won both games of sequence I played with my family, which was fun.


Eve has cloths now ^_^ yay. I might change their color and appearance at some point. I'm not really sure yet.

I watched the new Charlie and the Chocolate factory again while sober today. OMG, they really messed up that movie. Awful music, and even with the new graphics, the old version frankly looked better. They tried to change the story, so it would not be too much like the old one, but unfortunately they did a very bad job at that too.


There seems to be a problem today with the comicgenesis updater. I apologize for the late comic, but it is beyond my control. It is a free hosting service so I can not complain.

I'm drunk right now ^_^. Im just curious how I sound when I'm drunk so I'm writing this blog. Gina came over we went to chilis and were in the hot tub for a while. My fingers became pruny. We then watched the new Charlie and the chocolate factory. I didnt watch it while sober, but while drunk it is very funny ^_^. I was never really sure what was going on, and a few times, even now I felt like passing out. Im going to wait to sleep until I'm a little more sober. I noticed that if I become sober before falling asleep then I will have less of a hangover. It is funny that while typing this, it seems like I have to go back and fix every word I type. My baby is sleeping next to me, she is soooooooo cute. I put her on my lap while Im typing. She keeps sniffing my nose, if Im not careful she will try to sneak a lick into my mouth.... yuck! Anyway, that is drunk me ^_^ interesting isnt it? I havent drunk since I started my new school. It doesnt take me much to get drunk, so people call me a lightweight or a cheap date *blush* on my 21st, I only had a total of 3 drinks that lasted me the night lol.


I have been getting a lot of complaints from people who think my comic is going too fast. I actually intended for the beginning to be fast and confusing. I was intending to open up a lot of mystery to be expanded upon later. Sorry for anyone who was too confused? From this point on Things are going to be slower, and yes I am going to expand upon what happened.

This got me a little depressed, so I decided to release the next comic early.


For those of you who saw today's comic before it was fixed, sorry. Thats why you don't finish your comic when you are dead tired and too lazy to proofread.

The next comic will be on Saturday to get into the new schedule.


Finals are coming with full force and I draw, ink, color, and shade these comics by myself. So unfortunately I have to change from every other day, to 3 times a week. This isnt too much of a difference from what it was before. The new schedule is going to be Tuesday Thursday Saturday.

I have also noticed that the site displays oddly with firefox. I will start to work at getting this fixed, but my knowledge of html is not as good as it could be.


I have been photoshoping all day, so I'm sorry if the comic looks a little weird. The comics that I chose to color for class seem to be a lot more difficult than I thought they would be. I cant really complain about my homework load though. Art school is kind of fun ^_^ All my classes are one day a week for 3 hours. So I only have class 3 days a week. A lot of our projects take a large amount of personal time to finish though.

I am actually an illustration major, not cartooning. I do the comics to practice different techniques that I am learning or am interested. So don't come crying if suddenly all the comics look completely different. It just means that Im trying something else. All characters should still be recognizable though.


YAY! I think I'm finally getting over this cold ^_^ I've only been sick for a month now. So now I can give more attention to my work.

For those of you who havent voted yet, there is a link on the right hand side of the comic. Click it and vote for me and help me get to the top 100. For Those of you who have already voted, GOOD JOB! ^_^ now go back and vote again! It seems that you can vote once a day.

As you all know, this site is still in progress. If there is anything that you would like to see, or have some suggestions feel free to send me an email. Just press the button that says "contact"


Still sick, but I was able to get to the scanners ^_^ Midterms are finally over (try setting up and painting a still life in an 8x10 room, and trying to live eat and sleep around that. FUN!) Now those are over, the professors all have finals on their minds. But the immediate hell is finally over.

I am now setting up a schedule so everyone can know what to expect from the comic. For now I am posting a comic every other day. You can look at the calendar on the left to see when the last comic came out, and know when the next one is. I will keep this up for as long as I can (either I get too annoyed or just run out of comics to release) I would like to keep up at least 3 comics a week if I can though.


Okay, I did a little work on the gallery, so this time it should actually do something. Only 3 areas of my hyperlink address were wrong... Did I already mention that I hated doing this web programming? Anyway, I am feeling a little better so I will go to the scanners tomorrow.


Maybe it's time that I introduce myself. I'm Allie; I do everything on the site with little help. I'm 21, I live in New York City where I go to school, but I'm originally from Connecticut. In New York I live in a tiny dorm room so I don't have easy access to a scanner. Drawing surfaces are also hard to come by. The best scanners on campus are across town but it's not that bad of a walk. I have the site to a point where I'm a little happier with it (I hate HTML!). The secondary pages should come around slowly. I'm still working at getting comics done, I have a few inked but the Scanners are cross town. It wouldn't be a problem if I hadn't been sick for the past 4 days =(. In any case, I will still work at getting these done on a schedule. Midterms are still going on so it may slow down for a week or 2. But my sickness pending, if I can get it done then I will get it done.






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